Contract grinding

fabrication and assembly of mechanical parts.

A history of quality

Specializing in grinding mechanical parts for 40 years.


Ground mechanical parts, from drawing to assembly.

We have specialized in grinding small and medium-sized mechanical parts since 1986.

In order to ensure the quality of products and meet the needs of its customers, in recent years O.M.P. can supply ground mechanical parts made entirely in-house, from drawing to assembly.

The evolution in the industry

Since 2018 we have a department equipped to perform in-house 5-axis milling, wire EDM, and from 2024 also turning with a new Okuma Lathe.

Thanks also to the cooperation with historical and certified partners, we are able to offer machining on a wide range of complex mechanical parts.

A global service

We operate in Italy and abroad, we handle deliveries and pickups at customers’ premises weekly with our own vehicles, also we cooperate with truck drivers and couriers to handle deliveries and pickups everywhere in a short time.


High accuracy


We have a fully air-conditioned metrology control room equipped with certified instrumentation to perform precision dimensional checks on every type of part we machine.


A complete grinding machining service, including universal, external, internal and tangential grinding. Our grinding processes meet the most stringent dimensional specifications.

Accessory services

Turning and milling

By cooperating with selected and certified companies, Omp Grinding is able to provide its customers with finished mechanical parts.

Quality and dimensional controls

Air-conditioned Control Room

Our Climate Control Room represents the beating heart of our dimensional inspections. Equipped with a climate-controlled environment, we ensure optimal conditions for performing accurate and reliable measurements.

State-of-the-art instrumentation, certified for each type of dimensional inspection, ensures accurate control of heights, internal and external diameters, taper and ovality, flatness and roughness, as well as detailed surface checks such as radii and chamfers.

Certified Technology

At O.M.P. Grinding, we invest in the most advanced technology for dimensional inspection.

To stay abreast of the increasingly stringent tolerances required by customers, O.M.P. believes in continuous innovation in inspection technology, operates and maintains all its measuring instruments, even the simplest ones, under periodic inspection.

Custom Workmanship

At O.M.P. Grinding, we understand that every project is unique. We offer custom machining services to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our flexibility in our approach to measurements allows us to adapt to the complexities of each component, ensuring satisfactory results every time.

Certified Collaboration

Our Metrology Control Room is the result of certified collaboration with trusted partners. Through strategic alliances, we ensure that every step of the measurement process is supported by high quality standards.

Our network of partnerships enables us to offer a full range of mechanical measurements that our customers can rely on.

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